7 of the Most Awesome Beards in Video Gaming History


The bushy bearded heroes and villains of the gaming world deserve some love for the effort that goes into maintaining their facial hair while facing multiple attacks every day. Few physical attributes come across as manly as the beard does, which is why we love to watch our bearded buddies and bad guys in action.

Strong Man – The real Strong Man – Geoff Capes – has long since retired since his 1980’s hey days, but his name lives on in video game history. The video game is a sort of old school track and field type, but those too have always had their place in entertainment. What makes this such a timeless game is that you are left feeling that unless you sport a beard, you’ll never be strong enough to lift a bus full of kids up over your head.

Max Payne 3 – The first two Max Payne installments were nothing worth writing about, but add a beard and a wife beater, and suddenly our hero becomes a star. The gaming world was shocked at Max Paynes sudden transformation, but once you got your head into the game, the whole thing just clicked together perfectly.


Donkey Kong Country – Old school maybe, but you can’t beat the beard on Cranky Kong, the elder ape of the Donkey Kong crew. The creators may have just been trying to find a way to show an old monkey, and it worked wonders in this case.

Heavy Rain – This super realistic game gets real with Ethan Mars and his newly divorced persona, right down to his perfectly trimmed beard. Even without a wifey around, he still manages to keep the beard neat, likely with a good helping of video game beard oil.

MegaMan – You may do a double take at first, and wonder what the heck is Santa Claus doing in your game, but that’s just Dr. Light with an enigmatic smile and cotton candy white beard. His role in MegaMan may be secondary at best, but he is still unforgettable for the chin hair he wears.

Deus Ex – If you were to meet Adam Jensen in the real world, you would hate him instantly for his perfectly polished beard. Obviously this guy spends way too much time reading up on beard grooming tips, and then perfecting them. Take it from a guy who’s tried, this look is impossible emulate.

Street Fighter – Beard aside, Zangief is one of the most lovable muscle men in gaming history. Add the element of his full beard, sideburns and moustache, and you have a grizzly bear who is just a bit misunderstood.

Beards do make the man, even when they are characters in your favorite video game. With the right facial hair look you can instantly tell who is to be feared and respected in their own virtual world.

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Series Video Game Review: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt


The latest in the Witcher series was released earlier this month, and from the start it is an entirely different experience than its predecessors. The quest is not nearly as exciting, and for the gamer who likes instant gratification, may seem too long to get to. But there are some hidden secrets that you have to learn and explore that will make this step in the Witcher journey just as exciting as the others.

The Witcher 3 is as dark as the others, with an incredibly in depth open world environment. The background is lush and large, with moving trees and busy towns to awe at. One of the more compelling components of this Witcher segment is how the world moves in real time. There is a full cycle of days and nights, weather conditions change, and even the Witcher’s beard grows. This is new in video games, where characters typically have the same hair and beard no matter how long you play. The only thing that would make it more realistic is if you had to use a beard trimmer and beard balm like they make over at Liberty once a day before heading out on the next mission.

The authenticity and expanse of the world is amazing, and you will be lost without the help of the mini-map in the corner. Every sector has a distinct purpose, and is full of things that your Witcher must accomplish in order to move on.

The only downfall to the amazing graphics is that they don’t work perfectly on the Xbox One and PS4 which run at 30 frames a second. It took a while to transition between maps and you’ll get the occasional glitch, although game detrimental. Upgrade to the GTX 980 which runs at 60 frames per second and the experience is perfect, with seamless changes from screen to screen.

eurogamer-k4k75bStory wise the game is lacking in excitement quite frankly. This is a wild goose chase of sorts, except without the wild. The Witcher is in search of his daughter and lover, but the story never develops beyond this. Instead, you are subjected to running around and completing tasks in exchange for information that only leads to more tasks. There is no mystery to solve and no intrigue to hold the interest for too long.

Thankfully things do pick up in the last quarter of the game, where you are taken off of the beaten path and allowed to explore the underbelly of this fantasy world. If you are already familiar with the series, then you are going to be delighted to run into some old friends and enemies, who further the quest. You’ll learn to look forward to conflict as this character has more strength and powers than those found in the prior games.

Despite some flaws, the end game makes The Witcher 3 worth adding to your collection, especially if you are appreciative of incredible graphics. Give it time to build towards the climax, and the boring plot will have been well worth it.

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Are You a Video Game Addict?


Yes there is such a thing as video game addiction, and as much as we love gaming, this is a serious issue. Video game addiction is just like alcohol and drug addiction, where your social, physical and mental well being are all in jeopardy. Be real with your answers, and see if you have a gaming problem, and then work on ways to help quell it.

Video game addiction is characterized by a persons drive to constantly be at the console. Even important events are forgotten or over looked in preference to staying home and staying in the game. Eating habits are disrupted, and hygiene often a thing of the past for people who have become mentally addicted to video games.

Mental vs Physical Addiction

The difference between video game addiction and others such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, is that there is no chemical dependence. The need to play is in the addicts mind, not being driven by the lack of a substance in the system. You may get endorphin highs from playing, but you can easily get those from physical activity as well.


There are nine characteristics that have been developed to help health professionals recognize the signs of video game addiction:

  1. Pre-occupations – you spend most of your time thinking about games, or planning on when you can play next.
  2. Withdrawal – you are moody and restless when not able to play.
  3. Your tolerance has increased – you find that you are playing for longer periods of time or playing more exciting games to achieve the same feelings that you used to have.
  4. You know you should slow down – you know that the games are affecting your life, but are unable to stop playing.
  5. Stop other hobbies – you are no longer interested in other hobbies such as sports.
  6. Keep playing even when you are experiencing problems – you know that you have no money, or that your school work needs to get done, yet you still keep going.
  7. Covering up – you are lying to your family and friends about how much time you spend gaming.
  8. Gaming is an escape mechanism – When you are feeling down or sad, you immediately turn to gaming.
  9. Risk relationships – you put your personal and professional relationships at risk in order to continue playing.

If you are able to say yes to more than one or two of these, then it is time to get some help. Start by seeking help from family and friends, and ask them to include you in other types of activities. Designate one or two that you know you can count on to help if you feel the urge in the middle of the night.

Use essential oils to help calm your mind back down. The constant activity from gaming may have you in a constant state of heightened awareness. If you wear an essential oil diffuser necklace or have an ultrasonic diffuser like these with a scent like jasmine or chamomile, you can alleviate that feeling.

Like with any addiction, the first step is accepting that you have a problem. Once you do that, and re-enter society, you should be able to get your gaming back under control.

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Archery Video Game Review – Crysis 3


Archery has taken over the sporting world, with no exception in the gaming world. Today you will find over a dozen video games where the primary weapon being used is now a recurve bow and arrows rather than the noisy machine gunnery we are used to. Crysis 3 was one of the first to trade in the grenades for a recurve bow, and did a fairly good job of making the sport work in the virtual world.

In Crysis 3 you are taken out of the real jungle and put into the concrete jungle that is New York City. Except this is years after its destruction, so the concrete is broken up by greenery gone wild. The military has erected a dome over the island, creating a virtual greenhouse for you to fight your way through. The graphics are stunning, more for the unique combination of a destroyed city and natures new control over it.

This contrast comes off better in the Xbox 360 version then Playstation 3, where the world appears a bit flat in comparison. Most of the action is seen from the eyes of Prophet, allowing you to glimpse this odd world in the same way that he does. This works with the other characters as well, who are in front of you changing expressions as you talk or do battle. Very little of the game allows for you to actually see Prophet from the third person.

The premise is the typical take down the military seen in the previous games, with Psycho and Claire at Prophets side. Prophet is still being haunted by visions, which seems to make him an untrustworthy ally to his friends in arms.


Speaking of arms, this is where the recurve bow and arrow come into play. This is Prophet’s preferred weapon of choice, and for good reason. You get to zoom in on your target, pull back and unleash the pain, just like in a real archery tournament. The only difference is you get to play with poison arrows that put your enemies in an incredible frenzy of pain. If you have ever used an actual recurve bow and arrows before, then you are going to be impressed with the realistic feel when shooting your virtual one.

This is one of the first games that used the bow and arrow predominantly and it managed to do it better then some of those that came afterwards. If you like a dramatic story behind your gaming, and great graphics make your heart race, then Crysis 3 has what you want.

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A Re-Make Review of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


Back in 1997, gamers were lured to Abe and his struggles in the very questionable meat packing plant where he was employed. There was dried blood on the catwalks and emaciated Mudokon slaves scrubbing the floors of Rupture Farms, the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld.

Guards with faces like squids were beating workers, and barrels of mystery meat were making their way out of the factory and into Oddworld. All seems semi-serene until the blue skinned slave named Abe realizes he and his friends are meant to be the next round of mystery meat.

In 2014, this dark game got a facelift and became Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. The plot remained exactly the same, but 2D became 3D and the entire Oddworld looked refreshingly new. The original was divided up into still screens, but with the re-vamp, a camera follows Abe around giving gamers a never before seen look at how Oddworld looks as a whole.

The one element that made Oddworld so endearing 17 years ago still exists today. Abe is not your typical hero, armed to the hilts and powerful like OZ. Instead he is a weakling, whose only strength is using his wits to outsmart the enemy. He must outrun, hide and use the world around him to stay one step ahead of the daunting guards.


Another update to the game is the quicksave feature. In the original, one hit and Abe was done, luckily with an endless number of lives to spare. The new version has 3 levels, where the easiest gives you more lives to play with it. Even the hardest course is made easier if you use the PlayStation 4 quicksave feature, found on the touchpad.

One of the many food products being made at the Oddworld factory are Scrab cakes, which happily you can even try and make at home. Just substitute the scrab meat for crab meat and you are in for a tasty treat. Mind you, the recipe is not for the cooking novice, and you are going to need to pull out the best deep fat fryer you can find.

As simply put as possible, sauté onion and garlic in butter for a minute. In a bowl, mix together a cup and a half of crabmeat, 2/3 cup of breadcrumbs, 1 ½ tsp of mustard and 2 tbs of mayo. Lemon juice, one egg and 1/3 cup of shredded cheese. In a separate bowl, combine 1 chopped avocado and 2 cups of spinach with lemon juice. Form patties with the first mixture, put a dollop of the second in the center and then close it into a ball. Drop into your heated deep fryer oil (we prefer peanut) for 4 to 5 minutes, and you have scrab cakes. Minus the mystery meat scrab.

If you were an Oddworld fan back in the day, you are going to love this updated version, as it brings to life what you envisioned the world to look like. If you are new to the world, it is definitely worth a visit, just bring along some scrab cakes.

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xbox one vs ps4

The Better Choice: Xbox One or PS4?


Making a choice between Xbox One and PlayStation4 can get a little tricky, and that’s a tough decision you need to do there. The other can outweigh the other in one aspect, but the other also has a smarter feature which you cannot find in the other one. They are both frontrunners in the new video game console generation. Now let me guide you through into what aspects make each system stand remarkable.


PlayStation4:  Has a slight advantage with its GDDR5 RAM, along with its 8GB memory, 500GB internal hard drives, 8-core AMD “Jaguar” CPU, as well as Blu-ray optical drives.

Xbox One: Comes short with its DDR3 RAM, with the rest of the specs just similar to the PS4 except for the custom Microsoft CPU.

Verdict: There is only a slight difference between the two, but it is best to take note of its performance once different games are released. They are different, yet they have similarities which we have trouble comparing to.


PlayStation4: Uses a DualShock 4 gamepad which has an excellent set of features, ranging from its responsive triggers to a better analog stick. The features are less bothersome and comfortable to use.

Xbox One: Its gamepad is a more advanced version of the former Xbox 360 controller. It has a few irritating sides because of its form, but nonetheless it works just as great.

Verdict: The DualShock 4 offers a more comfortable and easier feature, but if you are used with the Xbox components, then you will have no problem in using either. I’d personally pick the DualShock 4, though.

Other Features

PlayStation4: It has a PlayStation Network which is used to access the online services. To be able to play online games, you need to purchase their premium subscription plan, PS Plus. However, you may use any app without the membership. It doesn’t include a camera unless you purchase the PlayStation Camera. A tiny setback would be the lesser flexibility of this system’s voice control.

Xbox One: Uses Xbox Live to access online services, however, you will need to purchase Xbox Live Gold to play games online and use streaming media services like Hulu Plus and Netflix. It offers a Kinect camera as well, which has voice control and facial recognition features, and has Skype available.

Verdict: Both systems have its own noticeable set of features, but if you are considering the price, PlayStation4 is definitely less expensive at $400, compared to Xbox One at $500. You may determine it according to the user experience that you desire – the PS4 fully rooted purely as a gaming system, and Xbox One doubling a function both as a gaming system and media hub. In the end, what really matters is if your chosen platform will have the games that you want.

I have also listed my own top 5 most popular games in history, so you might want to find out and see if your classical game stood up against the test of time.



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Top 5 Most Popular Games

Top 5 Most Popular Games in History


With the new advancements of technology continuously growing rapidly in the game industry, many video game manufacturers have made some substantial and some quite ordinary releases. There were video games that completely set a benchmark in the industry, and have completely shaken the video game enthusiasts. Here, I will list down the top 5 most popular games in history.

1. Pac-Man

Who could ever forget this game? As a kid, my childhood was filled with mornings on the couch with my sisters and brothers surpassing each other’s scores in Pac-Man. This game, which was developed in 1980, has become a prominent staple in the pop industry. This game is classic and one that has been successful throughout the years because of the booming sales this has acquired.

2. Need for Speed

I remember when this game was released, I was definitely ecstatic that a new racing video game is going to put its foot forward and set a new record in most video game stores. Since its release in 1994 for 5th gen video game consoles, it has been one of the most successful racing games with 100 million copies sold until October 2009! One of the things I really admired was their high-end graphics, an impressive range of car selections and modifications, and sound effects, which brought a memorable racing experience.

3. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

This incredible fighting game, released in 1991, has made a prominent success across many countries for its unique gameplay and character selections. With a cast of 8 street fighters possessing different fighting styles and specialties, one chosen character will battle and defeat the 8 fighters, then eventually move to the 4 bosses. Its competitive storyline will introduce you to a lot of movie-like plots until you reach the end of the battles. This best-selling game to hit the stores has sold more than 14 million of its.

4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This highly interactive game released in 2007 has won numerous awards, including the title of the top-selling game worldwide! Its cinematic and well-structured mechanics throughout the game definitely improved the overall gameplay. My friends were drawn into the characteristic that this game has shown, and we would have competitive battles to see who scores the most. This game sold approximately 13 million copies in around May 2009.

5. World of Warcraft

This video game, commonly known as WoW, is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) was released in 1994 by Blizzard Entertainment, which took to massive popularity even to this day. In a world full of magic and adventures, your imagination is certainly kept captivated by the characters you get to choose from. Its gameplay was none other than addictive, as well as the elements incorporated into its storyline.

This list has only sufficed some of the most popular games of all-time, and with the release of new consoles like XBOX One and PS4, the video game industry definitely has more in store for us this year.


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